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Vermont - All Scenics Sorted by Town

Although I've been a photographer working in both Vermont and Florida for about 30 years, the large majority of that work was done on film. For decent quality film scans there is great deal of labor and cost required to make the conversion and I have found the results less than satisfying. The pages in this section are therefore limited to shots taken since I made the transition to digital cameras in mid 2013.

UPDATED ! - Though my original plan was to update the site on a regular basis, I did not manage to keep up with that. The site was just updated with hundreds of new photographs. I apologize for the delay, but the site will be updated on a more regular basis. In the meantime please check out the newly updated site. You can navigate through the pictures either by season or by location.  


Here is a small gallery just of flowers, regardless of the location or season where the picture was shot. No tags. No keywords. No descriptions. Just flowers.


Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor, and various locations from Mt. Desert Island - September 2015

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